How and when to contact us where#

  • For interactive help and a first assessment of the problem we recommend to get in touch with us on Slack: Get help on Slack

  • For obvious bugs or missing features, you can directly check for duplicates on GitHub and open a new issue based on the corresponding template. Due to limited manpower we probably need to prioritize features, so voting for an existing feature request with a thumbs up increases its chances to be implemented by us. Of course, contributions are always welcome. Report Issue

  • To discuss ideas without a clear way forward yet or to get questions answered in a more contained format than on just Slack threads, you can use the GitHub discussions forum Get help on GitHub Forum


Keep in mind, that we might need to redirect you to the maintainers of the underlying tools for certain features. If you are certain that the problem comes from a certain tool, contact the maintainers. If unsure, just use the guidelines here and we will redirect you.